The Future


Since it got the distribution right of Yihai Kerry “Jinlongyu” in Jinliqu in 1996, Lifto Holdings Group has cooperated with more than 10 famous brands under Yihai Kerry Group, such as Jinlongyu, Olivoila, Hujihua, and Liyu, etc. It has also been the agent of Lee Kum Kee, Yili, Shuita, Hepan, Jinzhu and other famous brands in China.

  • 金龙鱼
  • 欧丽薇兰
  • 家乐氏
  • 金珠
  • 胡姬花
  • 洁劲100
  • 香纳兰
  • 丸莊
  • 海皇牌
  • 香满园
  • 乔家栅
  • YOJI朴食
  • 梁汾
  • 金元宝
  • 更多合作...

On the way of moving forward, Lifto has achieved great achievements, and is grateful for all the “peers” along the way, for the help and support they have given. We are close to our business partners, and mutually dependent on each other to create a good business environment. Lifto looks forward to working with all our partners to continue to work together for the future.

LIfto Holdings Group