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Honor is the reflection of responsibility. The more honors it receives, the greater the responsibility it bears.

Lifto believes that in the river of time

The temporary honor is only the grass that floats on the surface.

Only the honor forged by responsibility and quality.

it Can survive in the long river of history and become a tough rock which can deeply rooted in the mind of every person.

- 2002/ the special distributor of Jinlongyu, Yuanbao brand and Liyu brand

- 2003/ the excellent dealer of Kerry Foods Shenzhen Business Development Co.

- 2004/ an outstanding dealer of Yihai Kerry Food Marketing Co.

- 2004/ donated 50,000 yuan to Project Hope

- 2005/ awarded the Creditable Enterprise of Bank

- 2005/ awarded as one of the top 10 business distribution enterprises in Jinhua

- 2009/ the top ten dealers of Yihai Kerry Food Marketing Co.

- 2011/ awarded the first Jinhua excellent enterprise in trade circulation

- 2012/ awarded “A” grade contract-keeping and trustworthy unit

- 2012/ awarded as the 2011 Outstanding Partner of the Consumer Products Division of Yihai Kerry

- 2012/ winner of the Jinlongyu Weisu Rice and Oil Sales Competition

- 2012/ Annual Best Contribution Award

- 2015/ AA Unit for Keeping Contracts and Being Trustworthy

- 2015/ A Big Taxpayer with More Than 10 Million Yuan in Urban Area

- 2015/ Annual Tax-paying Credit Grade A

- 2016/ the Annual Excellent Enterprise in Grain Management

- 2016/ the Annual Big Taxpayer in Jinhua Urban Area with Taxes and Fees of Over 10 Million Yuan

- 2016/ A Key Enterprise of Service Industry in Jindong District

- 2020/ A New Retail Demonstration Enterprise of Zhejiang Province

- 2020/ awarded as a Key Distribution Enterprise in Zhejiang Province in 2020

- 2020/ awarded as a Member Enterprise of the Provincial Future Community Project

- 2020/ awarded as An Outstanding Enterprise of Zhejiang Province for its contribution to the market during the period of COVID 19

- 2021/ Top Ten Enterprises of Modern Service Industry

LIfto Holdings Group LIfto Holdings Group