Returning to nature

We are not only selling products, but also advocating a philosophy of life
We hope to convey a concept through our products -- “the essence of simplicity and nature”.

Lifto Group started with grain and oil and has been deeply engaged in the grain and oil industry, to which we have a special affection.

Starting with the domestic trade of imported grain and oil, Lifto Holdings Group established a marketing partnership with Shenzhen (Chiwan) Nanhai Co. (the predecessor of the Yihai Kerry). In 1996, we were authorized by Yihai Kerry Jinlongyu Grain and Oil Co., Ltd. to be the general agency for the marketing of “Jinlongyu” and its sub-brands in Jinhua, Lishui and Quzhou, Zhejiang Province, and started the strategic cooperation for nearly 30 years. The company has been awarded the title of “National Top Ten Distributor” and “Jinlongyu Brand” strategic partner.

The products of the Group cover edible oil, rice, flour, fine dried noodles, condiments, instant food, milk drinks, daily chemicals, and snack foods. The cooperative brands include Jinlongyu, Olivolia, Hujihua, Jiejin 100, Liyu, Xiangmanyuan, Kellogg’s, Qiaojiashan, Yili, Lee Kum Kee, Fengwei, Jinzhu, and Haozhi, etc.

The brand and product resources are our link to millions of consumers, the insistence on providing consumers with high quality and safe products is the source of the Group’s sustainable development, and good service experience is the ultimate vision of the Group to realize the gathering of all families and linking all things.

Rich product resources

The products operated by Lifto Group cover nine production lines.

High-quality and safe products and good service experience are the ultimate desire of the group to realize the gathering of all families and linking all things.

The first year of self-owned brands heading in a new direction

In 2003, the Group purchased and established a camellia oil production base, and started the production and operation of its own camellia oil brands such as “Lifto” and “Jinshan Tea”, etc., forming two major product management systems: agent brand and self-owned brand.

Its self-owned brand “Lifto Camellia Oil” enjoys a good reputation in the local cloth field, and the brand value of “Lifto” is estimated to be more than 5 billion yuan.


In the past 20 years after 2003, the Group has cultivated and incubated several self-owned brands.

In addition to the operation and development of various products such as edible oil, rice, drinking water, meat products, and snacks Lido also extends its brand strategy around the “Lifto Life” brand to include a collection of food and oil products, a kitchen collection, and cross-border lifestyle development.

Such as Lifto Life, Lifto Farm, Lifto OOOGO, and Lido x10 Community Complex ...

Through offline physical stores, online/APP, user community and online promotion, etc.

A large circle of “Lifto Life” is created.

In this process, we have been exploring and forging ahead. There are successes and failures, but we always adhere to our philosophy.
Let life return to the essence of simplicity and nature.
We strive to provide consumers with the best quality products and a more comfortable user experience.

We are always looking forward to your presence

if you share the same philosophy with us.